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Hello all. I am looking into replacing the headlight bulbs in my fusion but Im a little lost on the matter. I was going to put in a set of silverstars in the high beams but I am unsure whether it is worth it. As for the low beams since they dont make silverstars in h11 I had looked at luminics,PIAA,MTEC and a few others but I dont know if they are any good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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H11s have a nominal output of 1350 lumens. Any coating (such as what's used on the US-made "Silverstars") will reduce this output by up to 50%. Because this constitutes a traffic hazard, US DOT finally woke up and made these "Silverstar" or blue coating on H11 not DOT approved. So I seriously doubt we will ever see these dangerous products being legally sold in the US. Unfortunately, the real German Silverstars(TM) (made by OSRAM, Sylvania's parent company) will probably never be made in H11 form either, which is sad.

Whiter or bluer might look "cool" - but you will see less. We can't violate the laws of physics here. And landing in the hospital or worse sending another to the morgue is definitely NOT cool.

The stock bulbs and lamps are above average in performance for old-fashioned incandescents. If they seem "short" to you, simply adjust the aim. However, if you can't afford or don't want to spend extra for the 3400 lumen HIDs, here's a suggestion: Order or pick up a pair of H9 2100 lumen bulbs. Again, they must be clear or you're just wasting your money and putting your safety at risk. I would suggest: for $9.99 ea. Real 2100 lumens output! is a little more expensive, but at least it looks clear so all 2100 lumens escape. :lol:


EDIT: Oops, forgot to mention that the H11 and H9 bulb bases are practically the same so the H9s should drop in without much effort...
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I import my bulbs from Japan. I use MTEC, available at YellowHat and Autobacs over there.

I've been looking into the H9/H11 swap. Another 10 watts couldn't be that bad for the wiring, so I might spring for that next time one burns out -- or I get sick of them.

I sure hope they aren't these:

Wattage [draw]: 55
Wattage [output]: 100


With that snazzy blue coating, they manage to put out more than they draw!

No wonder you can't see at night. I think this is what you're getting in reality:

Wattage [draw]: 55
Wattage [output]: 30

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