New "Black Chrome" grill from Ford, Group buy interest?

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Hey Guys,

Ford just introduced a special I4 Sport package on the Fusion. It comes with a [glow=red,2,300]"Black Chrome"[/glow] grill and painted fog lamps covers.
I-4 Appearance Package(1)
Optional on I-4 SE

Black chrome grille
17-inch aluminum wheels with painted pockets
Fog lamps with color-keyed bezel
Red stitching and accents on seats, door trim, steering wheel and console
Available on Fusion models built after September 4, 2006. See Dealer Ordering Guide for feature availability.
Would you be interested if I put a special price on these? It's a little pricey but these kits are priced at 10% over my cost. I will list the part # and prices below.

7E5Z-8200-AA (UPPER GRILL) List $383.17 FFC $285.31 Special $252.89
7E5Z-8200-BA (BAR 1 LOWER) List $163.30 FFC $121.59 Special $107.78
7E5Z-8200-CA (BAR 2 LOWER) List $153.43 FFC $114.25 Special $101.27
Total for Grill $461.94

Fog lamp inserts - paint to match
7E5Z-17E810-APTM List $54.55 FFC $40.62 Special $36.01
7E5Z-17E811-APTM List $54.55 FFC $40.62 Special $36.01
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How about adding some prices for the black door trim and black trunk trim for us SEL guys that want to get rid of the chrome?
Here's the picture. It really doesn't tell us much though. If someone can find one on a dealer lot and get a pic that would be great.

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Is it just me or does spending $500 to change the color of the grille seem like a waste of money?

How much were your wheels and tires?
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