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We would like to announce an update to our Apexcone HID kit. In early March, 2006 Apexcone specified the change in ballasts contained in the Xtec HID kit. Recently, Apexcone made this same ballast and bulb combination available in the Apexcone HID kit with our own packaging and bulb holders. This kit offer a great value. Not only does it performs great, is super reliable but you are also covered by a Lifetime warranty !

We always make every attempt to inform and educate our customers. No one should buy a product without understanding exactly what they are buying. Xtec ballasts and Apexcone ballasts are exactly the same product with a different label applied. Both carry the same No Excuses lifetime warranty. Purchasing an Apexcone or Xtec product is in fact buying the same product with different packaging.

That's why from now on we only carry the Apexcone HID and not the Xtec HID kits. Why pay more for the same kit. Apexcone HIDs are the private label version of the same product Apexcone specifies for the XtecUSA product line.

Apexcone brand HIDs offer the customer the same superior product at significant savings.  :)

Support for Xtec HID kits bought in the past will of course still be supported by us. We never leave our past customers to their own. That's the Xenon Expert service and dedication to you.

Bottom line, Apexcone brand HIDs offer the customer the same superior product at significant savings.

You can get it at a special forum price here:

Olivier Gibeault
Xenon Expert
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