New 2007 AWD SEL V6 (Pics Added)

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I got my new 2007 Fusion AWD SEL V6 today! Fully loaded, Black with black leather seat, spoilers, SIRIUS etc... I love the car, I feel like a kids! Will post some pictures soon! :D

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I'm having the same problem with mine (not that low though lowest thus far is 14.7) but I'm hoping it just needs breaking in :)

Yeah, everybody keep telling me to just hang in there and it will get better. I realize that 500 miles is not enough to make a judgment but 13 (besides being unlucky) is the pits. Amazingly, it started out giving 15 mpg overall and dropped to 13, in-city. Chris06Fusion has an Oxford white SEL and ours is the same color. What color is yours. Noticed you were from Boise, Idaho. Bet you will really get some use out of the AWD in those winters. :D

Boz, in Salisbury, MD
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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