New 2007 AWD SEL V6 (Pics Added)

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I got my new 2007 Fusion AWD SEL V6 today! Fully loaded, Black with black leather seat, spoilers, SIRIUS etc... I love the car, I feel like a kids! Will post some pictures soon! :D

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Re: New 2007 AWD SEL V6

Sorry guys to delayed the pictures. I'm currently out of my town and I don't have my camera with me! I should be able to post requested pictures this week-end. :D
Re: New 2007 AWD SEL V6

There's someone who could explain me how posting picture in this topic? :shock:
Re: New 2007 AWD SEL V6

I just sending an e-mail at the addess above with some of my pictures attached.

Thank you very much.
Thanks guys for your comments!

I'm from Quebec City, Canada. The handling is absolutely impressive! The car is very stable in any condition and there's absolutely no effect of understeer with the AWD! Even when I disabled the traction control. But i'd like to have more power in the low rpm range (1800-3500). :D
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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