New-2006 Fusion questions...

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New owner--
1. What is the best oil for this engine?
2. Recommend what car cover seat maker will fit for side-impact bags..(car has non-leather and blk interior)
3. Brakes feel good after some breaking in...only i do feel a bit of pulsating (slight) after slowing down from 70mph--is this normal???

4. Personal question--should i take my dealer to court after not honoring full/ineterval oil changes as long as i own this car...I have this in writing and signed by the salesman on the contract. This was part of the deal. When pciking up my car the salesman was on vac..So i briefly spoke with the manager (small talk) about the service--blah-blah....He said the salesman had no auth. or right to do this.....he was willing to give all my funds back...the manager knew i needed a car since my ford probe gt..was finished....He would give me 2-3 oil changes.....
Personally i never heard so a bunch of crock/b.s....
Calling ford in Michingan was no help......i did make a i stil haven't picked up my second key....i think they lost it...another story...i would to go into service and make time again..

Any answeres/solutions would be helpful.


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Congrats on your new purchase. I hope you enjoy it.

1) I'm using the Motorcraft Synthetic Blend that came in the car. So far (11k miles) it seems to be doing fine. I've heard others make positive comments about it as well.
2) No clue- I have leather. Although with side airbags I would be concerned about seat covers preventing the airbags from deploying.
3) My brakes feel fine, except a bit touchy. Also, they make a sound, like air being let out of a tire ,whenever I press the pedal. I guess that's the sound of vacuum or the brake fluid being pressurized.
4) I would certainly talk with the sales manager, preferably in the presence of the sales person. I would go sometime when they aren't expecting you, that way they can't rehearse a story. I don't know if court is the best way to deal with it, sometimes just sitting down and discussing it like gentlemem will work. If not, tell them you will be taking it to their competitor for every oil change and warranty work. And that all your friends will hear about it.
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