New '12 Edge Replaced Fusion

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It's been a long time...anyone still remember me? It's been nearly 3 years! In that time, I got married, work sent me around the world twice, I've moved, and I traded in my '07 Fusion for a new '12 Ford Edge Sport. They gave me a killer deal I couldn't walk away from...If some of you remember, my Fusion was rear-ended by my dad and had about $4000 in damage to it. They ended up still giving me $6400 because the rest of it was in 'new' condition. I bought it March 31 and believe it or not...haven't really taken any pictures of it. But I will post them. It's FWD, tuxedo black and has every option except the push button start and BLIS. So far, it's been great. Although, I've barely put 2700 miles on we'll see how much I enjoy it over the next couple years.

I wanted a GT500, but the wife said no...But it may be the replacement on the Edge in a few years, depending on our situation. My wife may also be trading in her daily driver ('08 Civic) for the new '13 Fusion as well. I like that idea. ;)

Anyway, I'll try to post up some pics soon. Glad to see that a good portion of the community is still around!
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Congrats! The Edge Sports are very nice. I always wondered how quick they'd be with a set of 18's under them (or are their brakes too large?)? I've read the 22" combo weighs roughly 100 lbs at each corner. That's a lot of weight to turn. I be it would be quite a bit quicker with lightweight 18s. Of course it does look very nice with the 22s (and I'm typically not a huge-wheel fan).
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