New '12 Edge Replaced Fusion

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It's been a long time...anyone still remember me? It's been nearly 3 years! In that time, I got married, work sent me around the world twice, I've moved, and I traded in my '07 Fusion for a new '12 Ford Edge Sport. They gave me a killer deal I couldn't walk away from...If some of you remember, my Fusion was rear-ended by my dad and had about $4000 in damage to it. They ended up still giving me $6400 because the rest of it was in 'new' condition. I bought it March 31 and believe it or not...haven't really taken any pictures of it. But I will post them. It's FWD, tuxedo black and has every option except the push button start and BLIS. So far, it's been great. Although, I've barely put 2700 miles on we'll see how much I enjoy it over the next couple years.

I wanted a GT500, but the wife said no...But it may be the replacement on the Edge in a few years, depending on our situation. My wife may also be trading in her daily driver ('08 Civic) for the new '13 Fusion as well. I like that idea. ;)

Anyway, I'll try to post up some pics soon. Glad to see that a good portion of the community is still around!
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Yeah, you remember that? That was a whole long story...police reports, investigations, line-ups...Not fun and the Fusion never got repaired. I just lived with it. Not sure if I ever posted pictures of the repair, but it was definitely bad and really didn't fix any damage. It was a good topic of discussion with people I met. But I will say they at least got my trunk to close.
Here's a quick pic I have on my phone...Took it at the dealership as my wife and I were signing papers for our new Edge. If you look closely, you can see just a little rear section of the Fusion. Still kind of miss the car. Zero issues with it and lots of memories.

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Good to see that you're here bbf..or bff :lol:

Still have the MKZ?
I really enjoy the Edge. It's been great so far and it drives really well. It's quick enough for me and handles more like a car than a SUV/CUV. (Yes, I know CUVs are supposed to handle like a car, but most that I've driven do not). I'm definitely not going to have a lot of miles on this. It's 6 month service is coming up and it only has 2600 miles on it. Since I've moved (my office is less than 3 miles away) I barely drive it at all.

After being in Germany for over 2 months, I had an Audi A4 S-Line rental. It was a great car and I fell in love with it. My wife kind of liked it as well (she was out in Germany with me for a couple weeks), but she tends to be very picky with cars. I had been searching all over California for 2012 S4's with a manual transmission and the sport differential. One finally popped up about 200 miles away and we checked it out. My wife over-ruled me on it as it would increase our insurance rates by about $20 a month and she really didn't like the idea of me wanting a manual car. She also complained that for the cost of the car, it didn't have anything "special". And of course, her last compliant was with Audi's MMI. I hated that too. No touchscreen and the knob was annoying for spelling out letters. Not mention, I know she really wanted to look at a SUV/CUV because she has been hinting at a kid and I know she likes having the extra space. It makes sense, and I end up using the extra space a lot for some of my work equipment.

All in all, the Edge has been great and it's been the only car we've owned that CONSTANTLY gets compliments. It's nice, but at the same time, a lot of people look at you while you're driving. I don't want to get caught with an accidental finger up my nose. :lol: Only kidding! The only thing I really dislike about it is that it's black. It's instantly dirty the second I drive it. But it sure does look nice when it's clean!
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