Need Some Advice!!!!!!!!

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Well I was surfing the web for a reliable company or brand of HID's that I can get. And well now im lost....... Does anyone have any recommendations as to what brand to get? I am going to get 8000k but what I need to know is what brand do some of you guys trust? Have any of you changed over yet? Was it an easy install like all these websites claim to be plug and play? So if any of you have any ideas please let me know so I can start the ball rolling and get some HID's............ Thanks!
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Definetly get some 8000k but I would suggest Luminics or Sylvania.
So forget about xenon brand?
ryman luminics an sylvania are not HID, its just a halagon bulb....HID is the best, but sometimes with non projection housings, the beam becomes scattered an doesnt offer good output....
I got the 8000k as well.. and I must tell you... I'm very impressed even though the housing is not meant for an HID light... I manage to cove an entire 5 lane freeway in a drive in the middle..

Plus great distance too... and the lights dont shine above the bumper of the car ahead of me (if there is one):

Good Luck.
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Okay so then are those gonna bother any on coming traffic cars? I have seen lights that are so bright that my God you are blinded even after they pass you up......
and the lights dont shine above the bumper of the car ahead of me (if there is one):
The Install, took me about 40 minutes to figure one of the first light, since I've never installed HID kits before, but once Ive figured it out, took my 5 minutes to install the second one.
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