Need help Xcalibrater2

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Ok im tryin to order the xcalibrater2 but i need 4 digits off of the computer for them to send me the chip if someone can tell me where it is or get some pics up i would appreciate it. I cant find the computer so please help.
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It should be on the inside of your front door jam. Just a simple white sticker with only four digits on it. Usually in the area of the door hinge.

~ Larry
i still cant find it, more info please.. :(
Our Fusion is somewhere in a trailer headed back from SEMA, so I can't tell you exactly what it looks like.

I have a Mazda6 myself, the codes may look similar. Here is a photo of what mine looks like. I may be wrong what your sticker looks like. The white letters over the black are what my code is.

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I just chatted with our tech that developed our Xcal 2 tune for the Fusion.

Your Fusions computer is located under your cars battery. On your computer is a sticker with the code on it. So you need to remove your battery from what I've been told.

Right, youll need to remove the battery, the PCM is under the battery tray, but you should be able to read the 4 digit code. It will be 3 Letters and one number.
Thnks you 2 for helping me find it, i was able to order it today and get overnight shipping, so ill be looking forward to the reprogram
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