Need help getting the right fitment...

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Hi everyone, I'm a little new here but have been lurking for a while. I'm trying to get the right fitment for my wheels and I'm hoping that some of you more experienced members can help me out.

So the wheels I'm getting are 18x8.5 et +30 with a 73mm hub. I want to get the wheel just about flush with the fender but I have a few questions.

What size spacers to do I need to get it flush?

In order to get the hub down to oem size, is that something I can do with the spacers or do I need separate rings for that?

Whats a good place to buy spacers?

The spacers need to be hub centric right?

Also, not related to fitment.... I want to swap my tpms sensors from my old wheels into my new ones. Will this work? Will they fit on any type of valve stem or do I need to get a specific type?

Thanks in advance for any help! I'm a little lost with this stuff.

Heres a picture of how my car sits right now. ST coilovers and the stock 17's without the hubcaps:
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That is going to be pretty darn flush wwithout spacers...

For example, here's mine with 19x8.5 +35

IMG_1683_wm by Lyonsroar91, on Flickr
I have a 2014 Fusion with 5-108 lug pattern, I bought 20 in rims with 5-114.3 pattern. The tires are 245/35/20, what size adapters will still fit my tires without changing anything else
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