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National Auto Sports Association
NASA-X (Autocross) Event

Date: Saturday, May 5, 2007 (Points Event)

Place: DMACC Ankeny Campus

Time: Registration begins at 9:00
Drivers Meeting 10:45 -Mandatory
First car off at 11:00am

Cost: $20 NASA Members
$25 non members (can join at event, $40/yr)
Spectators FREE but ALL need to sign a waiver

Contact: Mike Slater [email protected] 992-3184
Jon Payne [email protected]
You can find information regarding events like this at:

You can also pre-register from this site for these events.
It is HIGHLY recommended. Fee is not paid until the event.

Timed precision driving event, using a state of the art computerized timing system. The driver of a vehicle must navigate a series of cones on a parking lot. The driver completes various driving maneuvers in a safe manner, while trying to complete the course in as short of time as possible. All vehicles are put into specific classes that combine with other cars of the same capability. This helps teach complete vehicle control, similar to driving schools. This allows the driver to find out his/her driving limits as well as the limits of the vehicle. Results will be available at the end of the day after the last car has finished its run. Open to all licensed drivers. Drivers under 18 MUST have a signed parent/guardian release at the site. All participating vehicles must pass a basic safety inspection.
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