My V6 Fusion was chosen by K&N to develop a CAI for production

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Great news guys!!!

I just got accepted (well my car did) to be used to develop a CAI for the V6 Fusions.

I will be taking my car down to K&N and leaving it with them for 3 to 5 days and if it goes into production I get a free unit.

They are even paying for a rental car for me while they have my car.

They will be contacting me in about a week or 2 to let me know when to bring it down.

Its a good thing I didnt get the exhaust yet or tunes, they need the car to be completly stock to be useful.

Finally, we will get a CAI!!!!

I will keep everyone posted...
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Lucky dog. Can't wait to see what they come up with.
Living in SOCAL has its benefits...
Thats great man! Cant wait to get one for the Fusion, it would be about time
Word to big bird.... :klavergreg:
Thats awesome...  Hopefully they will get this out soon!
Any idea if its gonna fit on the 2.3 ?
I dont think they can develop a 4cyl CAI off of a V6 motor.

Totally different motors/engine compartments.
Ill will take one. Yet i remember asking if they ever were coming out with one and they said it wasnt in there production lineup or something. But im just glad they will be coming out with a cai, free or not i will be taking one :D
[quote author=WiKDMoNKY link=topic=55554.msg923775#msg923775 date=1157038068]
I dont think they can develop a 4cyl CAI off of a V6 motor.

Totally different motors/engine compartments.

the throttle body doesn't look to far off to where it might just fit. It wouldn't be an exact fit but it would be interesting.
As you probably have told K&N that their is more then a few of us waiting on the CAI.. Maybe we should start a list of names and email addy's and get it to K&N.. So they will know there is a true interest!?
I found K&N's post on another Fusion forum, where lots of people have been requesting a CAI.

I would imagine they are fully aware of the possibilities for selling them as soon as the get one ready for production or they wouldnt have even asked.

I havent heard anything from him but its only been a little over a week.
Com'on, Com'on, Com'on... WooHoo!!!!
So is there anything new on this cai, i cant wait no more!! :shock: :lol:
No word yet...
Me thinks they stoled your
No word yet.

I emailed them and got no reply...
I'd go get my shit back, bro.
They dont have my car...

Do you really think I would give them my car for weeks?

Im just waiting for them to say bring it down..
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