My New 06 Zephyr (pictures galore)

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So, basically the story goes like this. I saw this car while getting my 03 taurus worked on two months ago... had to get the taurus back in again to get worked on, and decided while it was getting repaired i should look into buying that zephyr... got 0% financing , and the rest is history.

Im probably out of sync with the age demographic for lincoln buyers, im 23... this is my first real car.

Anyways,the pics!

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That picture of the interior looks awesome bro...The zephyr is definatley one of the sharpest looking cars out there at the price...The nightime illuminastion of the interior & the exterior looks wicked awesome!
Looks great! Gotta love the white :lol:
Great pics! The aluminum vs. the blonde wood looks much better in that car.

Happy motoring.
love that car.

I wanted one... black on black.
but couldn't justify the $600/month payment, that they wanted in June...(that's after putting down $3000 too!) Good ole Canada!
...and Ford cannot understand why they have low sales?

I really love those rims!
looks like you have everything I wanted.
THX, moonroof, polished rims, heated/cooled seats... do you have the HID's?
Man... to be 23 and driving a car like that.
hell I had my dad's used 1st generation PROBE LX
lucky dog ! 8)
looks clean! can't wait for some of those parts to hit ebay!

are the gauges electroluminescent?
the guages aren't illuminescent, just illuminated from behind, but with white lettering as opposed to our green lettering (i prefer the white display that the zephyr has). my dad has a zephyr and i love it. it has a sweet suspension and even though it has the same engine, it just seems to drive a whole lot sexier than the fusion.

awesome car, but since i dont have the money to get a MKZ, i'll just be really happy with my fusion! :D
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