My K&N filter thoughts...

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I am not too sure. I am losing mileage with the same driving habits as compaired to my stock paper filter.

Here is the weird thing.

When I drive harder, my mileage goes up.

I installed the filter when I was at half-a-tank...I usually wait to do a mod on a fresh tank, but I wanted to throw it in there. I am using the AVG mileage reading from the first half of the tank on the stock filter, and from now on with the K&N. Don't know if that matters or not.

I love the small [if noticable] difference in power, but watching my mileage drop slowly while driving on CRUISE is causing me to become confused. Who said 45mpg? I called BS on that then and I still will.

Anyway, I'll be needing gas come the beginning of the week and we'll see what happens. I plan on running the 93 tune again at the next fill-up, and then switching back to 87.

Maybe I need to smoke the computer and reset the battery after installing the filter -- I always did on my other vehicles when I did the K&N FIPK. Hmm...

Anyway, when I drive harder, I gain mileage. Odd.
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Dude that's wild. I don't understand YOUR car, and you don't understand MINE. lol.

Damn, I think that I am going to reset everything after this tank is burned through. Maybe I'll smoke the computer tomorrow and leave the tune.. Hmm. I have the next 4 days off, so I'm sure to get into something!
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Few questions....

-Engine/Trans Combo
-Octane Used
-Method of determining MPG - Trip Computer or Miles Traveled / Gallons Used = MPG
-Type of Driving - Highway, City, Combo, Hills, Flat, and Approx Temp

I have the 3.0 with the 6-speed auto.
Using 93 Octane [with the Jusnes Modified 93 Performance Tune]
I use both the trip computer and a spreadsheet on my computer
Mostly city driving, short highway jaunts
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