My K&N filter thoughts...

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I am not too sure. I am losing mileage with the same driving habits as compaired to my stock paper filter.

Here is the weird thing.

When I drive harder, my mileage goes up.

I installed the filter when I was at half-a-tank...I usually wait to do a mod on a fresh tank, but I wanted to throw it in there. I am using the AVG mileage reading from the first half of the tank on the stock filter, and from now on with the K&N. Don't know if that matters or not.

I love the small [if noticable] difference in power, but watching my mileage drop slowly while driving on CRUISE is causing me to become confused. Who said 45mpg? I called BS on that then and I still will.

Anyway, I'll be needing gas come the beginning of the week and we'll see what happens. I plan on running the 93 tune again at the next fill-up, and then switching back to 87.

Maybe I need to smoke the computer and reset the battery after installing the filter -- I always did on my other vehicles when I did the K&N FIPK. Hmm...

Anyway, when I drive harder, I gain mileage. Odd.
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I was the one to claim 45MPG..... and here is the proof:
I drove to san diego about 2 weeks ago at a steady speed of 75 on cruis control.... my MPG kept steady between 40-44mpg....believe it or not.

Now that I'm back in town, and do 90% city driving... my computer shows 34mpg.... which is a whole lot better than what I used to get 19.6mpg..... and btw, my driving did not change.

I have no clue that is going on with your fusion Swoop, my best guess is that it might have something to do with your computer tuner that you got.... but then again, its just a guess... because like you said it yourself... the harder you drive the better gas milage results you get... which obviously doesn't make ANY sence....

How abnout this, set your tuner to Fusion stock setting, and don't use the tuner at all.... and see what happens... pahaps the onboard computer got overloaded or something.... I just Dont Know.

Good luck.

one more thing.... before I used to fill up one full tank per week.... NOW, i still drive the same distance every week.. and yet.... I'm driving on the same tank of gas the second week already.. my last fill up was sunday of last week.
YESSIRR.. that is indeed wild... I hope you figure it out though.... Good Luck :))~
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