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2017 Ford Fusion Energi.
I've owned the car since new and no accidents etc...
About 60,000 miles.

With all the storms we've been having my fusion has been parked outside for a couple of weeks.
Went to drive it the other day and the headliner and rear shelf areas were soaked. Finally had time to take a look at it today and figured I probably just needed to clean out some drain holes, Maybe replace a door or window seal at worst. During my cleaning I found some cracks!

They are located at the top corners of the front windshield and the rear window. Three out of four corners have them. One is a hole surrounded by cracks and the other two are just cracks...

Wondering if anyone else has seen these cracks on their car? Or am I just unlucky?
It is a white car so they were easy to see once the gunk was cleaned out but they are in a spot I'd never even pay attention to otherwise.

Some pictures of course...

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