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Once my gas bill hit $600 - $700 a month, I knew it was time for something new. Enter the Ford Focus. How can you go wrong with 33 mpg? I couldn't. Not when I log close to 25k miles a year for work. I kept my truck and bought the Focus in July of '08.
My biggest fear was moving from my 2004 Dodge Ram 4x4 extra cab to a 4 door Focus. I didn't want to feel cramped. To my surprise, it feels pretty spacious. My only complaint on the interior is I wish there was more "work" room. Aside, the interior is fairly well laid out and everything is easy to reach. The middle console sits a tad too far back and I have to use my elbow to close it.

The M$ sync is pretty cool along with the Sirius radio. Pretty peppy little motor. Handles fine with the Pirelli tires and custom factory wheels.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the car itself and ecstatic with the $150/ month gas bill.
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