My 2.3 is now XC2 Tuned! Awesome! Thanks Bob Jusnes!

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Wow!  I just installed the 87 octane program on my XC2 Tuner, provided by Bob Jusnes of (site sponsor).  I have to say, I am very, very impressed after my short rip up and down the road.  The throttle response is much improved, as is this engine's eagerness to rev and the power increase is also very noticable.  At about 2800 rpm, it really takes off and pulls great to redline.  Before the tune, when shifting from 1-2, I could just get a chirp out of the front tires.  After I downloaded the tune today, I turned the wheels over so much I actually got some wheel hop shifting into 2nd, and I even chirped the tires in 3rd!  That is the torque talking!  When I burn off some more of my 87 octane fuel (less than 100 miles to empty now) I will fill up with some higher octane fuel and try out the 91 performance and 91 torque tunes.  Should be tomorrow!  Can't wait!

BTW - the XC2 tuner is VERY easy to use. You can download programs right from your computer via the USB cable that comes with the tuner. That way, if you want to modify your tunes, Bob can just email them to you and you are all set! That is actually what I did, since I could not locate the ECU on my Fusion to find the ECU code. It is well hidden amongst all of the wiring harnesses above the driver side dash. I checked my email today, saw that Bob sent me 3 tunes to try out, and I downloaded them right to the XC2. Very cool! The XC2 also reads trouble codes and stores your stock ECU program so if you ever want to go back to stock, you can. It only takes a few minutes to download by plugging into the diagnostic port on the driver's side.

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glad youre happy!! try out those high octane tunes and keep us in the loop!! we have some tweaks we are going to try with your car, and if they work out they will be included in all future 2.3 tunes
I filled up with some high octane and tried the 91 torque program. Hmmm....I like it! More torque down low is a very good thing! Tomorrow I will drive to work with the torque program, then drive back with the 91 performance program. Will keep you all updated on my findings!
I might have found my next buy, how much?
Now the tune files are all free or just thru the beta stage will they be?
The tuner + 3 performance tunes was $399. I can not comment on the "all tunes free." I suppose Bob will have to answer that.

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Now the tune files are all free or just thru the beta stage will they be?
once you buy a Jusnes Modified/BamaChips tuner, any future tunes for your car will be free. That way, youll never have to pay us any more if we get updated tweaks or you have another mod that needs to be compensated for. Once you buy the tuner, any future tunes are free, unless its something like a blower or turbo that would require dyno time
Oh, and since I am so giddy now, I had to download the 91 "performance" tune - more of a high rpm type of tune.  I tried it out just for a few miles and the engine sings in the upper rpm ranges, has more of a performance growl, and seems to now hit the rev limiter around 6800 rpm.  It pulls great, but I think the "torque" tune might end up being my favorite.  The torque tune dumps more fuel down low to increase torque, according to Bob.  I will drive with the torque tune for this tank, then switch over to the performance tune, then try out the 87 tune again.  
right, like i told mike, we send a performance and a torque tune, with emphasis on either the lower or upper RPM power, that way you can use both and see which one suits your driving style better.
I just got back from a short drive with my good Torque Tune and what do you know, another black Fusion, just like mine, was sitting next to me at 3 consecutive stoplights. I looked over, and the driver appeared around 40 years of age and I figued his car to be a V6. Well, he took off like a bat out of hell and so I followed, and I noticed his nice chirp when hitting second gear and lo and behold...another SEL I4 Manual on the road! So at the next light, he is looking all casual and then just floors it and drops the clutch. Well, I am left sitting there and did not even make any kind of run with him (I am usually very cop cautious around my area). But at the 3rd light he rolls down his window and we comment on how great these cars are, 30mpg, manual, just a blast to drive. So this time I am ready and I let it rip and was able to pull ahead of him nicely. Hmmm...street racing NOT recommended, but quite fun for a couple of middle-aged guys :) My record is clean too. The people behind us were probably like...WTF! This torque tune rips!
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Funny, that I've NEVER used my Torque tune.  I've been rocked the 93 Performance tune for a while, and I am now recording the differences in the 87 Performance.

Next two tanks are with 87, and then back to the 93...this time I'll go with the torque.
I stand corrected, there is no rev limiter with my tune. Found that out today 8)
My mileage seems to have also increased by about 1mpg from what I can tell so far.
I think you will like the 91 torque program, especially when you run it back-to-back with the 91 performance tune. I ran with the performance tune yesterday and today and quickly downloaded the torque tune before heading out this evening, and the difference in low end torque and acceleration is surprising, but it still does a pretty good job in the upper rpm ranges. Now I have to watch my tach in 1st since I am coming pretty close to 7k before shifting to 2nd! I don't know how many rpm's the 2.3 can handle before bad things happen, but it is still pulling pretty good at 6800+.

[quote author=swoop1156 link=topic=48999.msg769907#msg769907 date=1150354643]
Funny, that I've NEVER used my Torque tune.  I've been rocked the 93 Performance tune for a while, and I am now recording the differences in the 87 Performance.

Next two tanks are with 87, and then back to the 93...this time I'll go with the torque.
I'm new here and I'm very interested in a performance flash for my V6 Fusion. Is this available and what kind of torque and HP increases are you seeing? I'd probably use the 87 or 91 tune the most, just because of the price of gas. Thanks
we dont have any hard numbers right now on the tunes, as far as gains. But i see you are in alabama, about how far from Birmingham are you?
I live just outside of the Huntsville/Madison area in Harvest- about 1.5 hours north of Bham. I tried to email questions from the BamaChips website but I see where they've had some email problems. I'm very interested in adding some power (especially low end torque) to my V6- but I'm kind of a numbers guy. What's the best way to keep up with what you guys are developing. Thanks for responding so quickly.
actually we would love to get your car on a dyno, if you dont mine the drive to birmingham. Ill have to talk to Doug at BamaChips and see when he has time, but if youre interested, let me know.
I actually heard back from BamaChips yesterday and I'm going to see about visiting their shop. I appreciate the dyno invitation and I'll be talking with BamaChips in the near future. Thanks again
Ok, here are my results after 800 miles of testing.

For starters, I found the stock calibration of the 2.3L engine to be rather tepid. There was no noticable rush of acceleration at any rpm. It pulled ok, but didn't exactly set the world on fire. It seemed to make more noise than power at higher rpm's, and the performace down low was questionable. The engine felt strained by the weight of the car, even with the 5spd manual. It was even annoying at times.

87 Octane Performance Tune
Tried it out for about 20 miles and LOVED it! The difference in part-throttle acceleration was very impressive, throttle response was instantaneous. It actually felt like a different car! More than I expected from an 87 octane tune. I have used Superchips modules in the past with premium fuel tunes, and never experienced a performance increase like this! But...I am now hooked on the 91 octane tunes (that is the reason I have so few miles on the 87 tune) so I will only use the 87 tune when taking long hwy trips to save a few $ on fuel costs. It only takes about 30 seconds to switch between the 3 different tunes!

91 Octane Performance Tune
I used this tune for 400 miles and found that it offered more top-end rush than the 87 tune. AND, this tune yields about 1 mpg better than the stock tune. This tune pulls to 7k with greater authority! Gotta watch the tach in 1st since 7k comes so quickly now and you don't even realize that you should be shifting soon. Wow! I was blown away with the high rpm wail of this engine. 3rd gear at 6000-7000 rpm is amazing! Before, with the stock tune, 3rd gear seemed pretty flat past 6200 rpm. It used to seem like I was just generating more noise as the rpm's approached redline in 3rd gear. Now I LOVE holding it open to 6800-7k in 3rd. Yeah, the rev limiter is removed! But the 2.3 in the Mazda safely handles 7100 rpm so I think I am safe with a few jaunts at those engine speeds.

91 Octane Torque Tune
This is the tune that I will be sticking with. The added thrust down in the low to mid ranges can not be denied. The performance on the very low end is enhanced (almost eliminating the dead feeling on the very low end of the 2.3). The thrusters really ignite around 2500 rpm and honestly, it feels like I have a good 20% increase in torque on tap, maybe more. I thought I was in love with the 91 performance tune, but after downloading this tune and stepping out into only 1/2 throttle it delivers an oh-so-delicious pull that was never evident with the stock tune. TORQUE! MPG with this tune is about the same as stock. So I will be paying more in fuel costs, but I don't care. It feels like I have a damn V6 under my hood now! Oh, and it still pulls great to 7k with this tune. Perhaps not quite as good as the 91 performance tune, but with the driving that I do (stop and go to work and back) I am loving the ripping acceleration of my torque tune. It is nice not having to rev the hell out of the engine to accelerate.

Bob provides a very good product and excellent support, and his tuners know their shit. I told him I would have paid $599 for this type of performance. The $250 or so that I used to pay for single program Superchips modules did not provide half the performance benefits of Bob's tunes.
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