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I don't rely on the computer's calcualtor for mileage since the averages get watered down over time, and it calculates remaining miles based on past driving habits. Basically, we went from our house to Dayton, OH (188 miles). We filled up before we left and by the time we got to Dayton it was at 3/4 tank. Since the tank is listed as 17.5 gal, 1/4 tank is 4.375 gallons. 188/4.375 is 42.971 mpg. So, actually, I listed it wrong. I've noticed w/ all four windows down, the mileage is best. Next is windows up, air on. Worst is just the front windows being down; must be too much drag on the car. [/quote]

Not the most prompt reply, I know. As someone else said, this is not a valid method for calculating fuel economy. You need to fill the car up to a certain number of clicks, drive it a good distance (the deeper into the tank the better), then fill it again to the same number of clicks, preferably at the same pump (though of course this will rarely be practical). The divide miles by gallons.

The first 1/4 as shown ona the gauge is, in my experience, often equal to about the first third or even a bit more. Dividing by 5.5 rather than 4.375 yields about 34 mpg, which seems more likely.

Members of my panel can submit fuel economy results here: I use a more detailed form than anywhere else, with the intent of getting some valid real-world mpg figures.
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