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Just got back from a trip to Nashville, TN (from Central Illinois) - round trip w/city driving was roughly 1000 miles (now 3000 miles on the odometer)

Our average MPG according to the computer (or whatever you want to call it) was 28.6 mpg on the way down and 30.0 mpg way home...
My wife, 2 daughters, and myself.... and We had the trunk full...
The driving was mostly Interstate (70-75 mph) and a little Hwy (60 mph)

I'm pretty impressed with the over all fuel consumption (better than the 20 mpg that we'd get with the van)
I'm not going to complain with 30 MPG, but of course wouldn't complain with better (who would)


5 speed Manual Trans
I found that on the Interstate, I would love to have just one more gear... but I don't and I can't
But one more gear would have been great.
on 2 lane hwy (55 mph speed limit) 5th gear was fine...

Except on steep grades, I found that I had enough to merge in 5 gear... Only had to down shift a couple of times....

Found that the 5 spd was just fine for the holiday traffic of greater Nashville area. (If I lived there, I may consider an Auto, but since I don't - I choose to shift for myself)

definitely louder than stock, but it sounds sweet.
my girls never once said it was loud or did cause any problems with them listening to the radio.

I've read that some people think the GoodYear Tires that are part of SAP are pretty much junk.
I can't complain.
I felt they handled great on the road
I didn't notice any road noise
So far, I can't complain.....

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Awesome Vstarbob - I love the sound of my Mags too. Although you have the entire freakin' cat back system......that's actually good info that it's not too loud. I'll have to pass it along to a friend of a friend who just bought a Fusion and wants to start modding it. I keep looking for him to show up on this board anyday now......

I've taken a few signature drives in my car too, but unfortunately every single one of them have been within the state (aka flat and rather uninspiring). I'd love to take the car on a trip through the Rockies. Wife and I are planning our vacation next year. Hopefully it'll involve driving through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, to Wyoming, and back. Figure it'll be a good initiation.....25,000+ miles later.

30mpg driving through actual terrain is pretty dang good.
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