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Posting pics of the other exterior and interior lighting modifications made on my 2011 Fusion SEL using LED's. I have changed every light bulb with a matching number LED replacement. (The owners manual has a table of each bulb and the corresponding number.)
Here is a list of other modifications I've made:

Red LED door check lights, ON/OFF with the interior lights and the auto dimming control

ON/OFF switch for the auxiliary power socket in the center console armrest well. I wanted to leave a charging cord for devices plugged into that socket but the socket is always hot, leaving indicator lights on the charging cord always burning. So, I switched it and installed the button on the center console. Custom device mount, made to match the soft touch dash

Added Audi/VW type LED, red map lights integrated in the center headliner console. I drilled holes, mounted two LED's from the underside and installed both a master ON/OFF switch, inside the sunglasses storage area, and a daylight auto sensor just for those map lights.

Made a hinged cover for the in-armrest cup holders.
This was the first modification I made....on the armrest in the backseat....where I never sit. Concealed magnets keep the cover closed in place when the cup holders are not in use. The cover is matched to the OEM finish of the center console and the surface of each window control on door armrests. The base material is a thin piece of top grade plywood, made with mahogany veneer surfaces for the smoothest finish.

Replaced both front side marker lamp housings for an aftermarket replacement with a clear lite smoke lens, using an Amber LED.

In the image showing the door check light, the high power, projector back-up lights are also on.
I added two additional super bright LED's on each side, inserted through holes drilled into the housing in the back-up lamp space. Both are aimed to spread light in a wide pattern out to each side. They are wired into the OEM harness to the back-up lamp socket.


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