Mondeo Engine cover for V6

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I wish our cars came with this..... Maybe I should try to get a hold of one of these and see if they fit the fusion. What do you think?

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[quote author=Chris06Fusion link=topic=59452.msg1005835#msg1005835 date=1160615757]
I wish our cars came with this.....  Maybe I should try to get a hold of one of these and see if they fit the fusion.  What do you think?


Just for reference. Looks like it might work. I want one.
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[quote author=canyon85 link=topic=59452.msg1009499#msg1009499 date=1160773045]
Hmm,  intake runners look completely different.  What's that big protruding circle at the front for?  From what I see, it may fit but wouldn't look "right" if you know what I mean.

Yeah, assuming those are plastic covers it makes me wonder how well it will cover the runners.
So I got the wondering, and any of you former Contour guys or gals (if there are any here) will know what I'm talking about.

BAT (British American Transfer) has been around for quite sometime, importing parts from Europe to the states for quite sometime for Merkurs, Contours, and the Focus. Per there website it appears that they are working on getting a catalogue together for the Fusion. My thought is to go through them and see if we can get those covers, as they would probably be the best means in terms of getting them (and new ones at that).

Here's a link
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