Molded Mug Guards...

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Ford finally released the part # for MOLDED mud flaps this week. They are about $50 from Ford, part number is 6E5Z-16A550-AA. Cool!!!!!! I have ordered them already. Be here Thursday or Fri.
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How about a picture when you install them?
I installed mine on my Fusion--sorry, no pics. I think they look really good on the car, although I am skeptical how much mud and rain they are really going to keep off the paint, since they are rather small. I have already had someone ask me where I got them. The back ones say Fusion on them. I had trouble with not having enough screws and fasteners in the package to follow the directions exactly--had to rummage around in the garage for extra screws and make a trip to Advance Auto parts for fender well fasteners. Don't know if this is just my package or all of them. I would highly recommend getting them, however.
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