MKZ AWD review

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Drove the MKZ today to evaluate the new 3.5 and AWD. The 3.5 is okay, but failed to meet my admittedly high expectations. There are so many great 3.5-liter V6s these days that a merely very good one is underwhelming. I'd like to see more midrange punch.

The AWD was more impressive. I was able to punch the throttle no matter how the steering wheel was turned without effecting even the slightest tug at the steering or complaint from the tires. It makes an already composed chassis even harder to upset.

My full review:

LIncoln MKZ review
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I suspect the same thing. So hopefully they'll do it soon.

Someone has pointed me to an Edmunds review that, if you read between the lines, says pretty much the same thing (so-so midrange, strong top end):

"Whether equipped as a front-driver or with the optional all-wheel drive, this is not the car for impressing neighborhood kids with smoking burnouts. However, acceleration from rest is fluid and rapid. Lincoln estimates that the incoming MKZ will hit 60 mph a full second quicker than the outgoing Zephyr, which likely means mid-six-second times.

"While off-the-line acceleration is important, this engine hits its stride on the highway, where the MKZ could easily gallop into triple-digit territory. The feeling is much more Bavarian than Michiganian."
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