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Well this car has been for sale for quite sometime, and people always like to say its a nice car but never buy due to cost. SOOO, at this point the car has been put back to daily driver status. Stock trunk, stock seats, nothing crazy on the engine. This car is ready to go out the door, $15000 obo. Its in City of Industry, CA right now waiting for a new owner.
I wish we could keep it around but we have to many projects , and letting it sit around is no good. If you dont know this car, search in google for MJH Sound Mazda 3, I'll put a couple pics below. The public basically has 7 days to inquire about this vehicle as it will then be sold to Cory Fairbanks mazda in Florida, where it will be seen for the rest of its days. Thanks alot.
10k mi on the tires
REMEMER, car is not only quick and fun to drive, but can get 30 mpg easily
everything functioning great, never a problem with the vehicle

see it on ebay now

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