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[quote author=SpearlMankey link=topic=56168.msg935574#msg935574 date=1157574642]
I use this stuff all the time on my dash/radio, and love the way it leaves the dash.  I hate the look and greasy feel that armorall leaves on the dash and wheel, but is the QD protecting the dash at all?  I don't want to find out in a year when my dash is peeling or fading prematurely.
what are you using as the "wipe"?
I no the problems of Armour All... but Meguiar's wipes leave a behind a white mess... looks like bits of the cotton wipe. PITA.
Since its a lease I'll continue to use Armour All... but I agree I hate the shining look of armour all.
I'd love a Low-Lustre wipe, that doesn't leave behind the mess that the GOLD CLASS Megiuar's wipes leave.
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