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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has ever seen the Medium Light Stone Leather interior,
or even the cloth ? What did it really look like to you, & did you like it or not ?
Out of all the Fusions I've ever seen & looked at, it's just not to be found. Where are they all at :dunno: All are either Camel or Charcoal Black. From the web site & brochure ( check out the carpeted Fusion floor mat photo from the Ford accessories page ), it looks like a Light Gray color to me, like the Light Graphite in the Mustang,
which would be a good thing.
Finally today, I saw a Light Stone, in cloth. It DID NOT LOOK gray to me, it looked like a lighter Camel version, the salesman agreed. I did not like it, very confused & VERY DISSAPOINTED now. I'd like a light gray interior color option, maybe in '08 ?
Any help / input / photos would be appreciated. Thanks
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