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RallySport Direct is pleased to bring you a number of COBB products in stock!
All items in this thread are in stock and ready to ship.

MS3 Cat-backs, $725.00 with free same day ground shipping!
The COBB Tuning cat back exhaust was engineered specifically to match the quality and performance of the MAZDASPEED3.
The cat back is made from mandrel bent T304 stainless steel with a custom resonator and high-flow muffler for optimal quality and reliability. With its custom designed stock-like appearance and subtle yet deep and satisfying exhaust note producing 11 dB below the SAE J1169 sound limit, the COBB Tuning cat back exhaust for the MAZDASPEED3 provides the best in performance, sound and aesthetics.

Full 3" system.

Front mount intercooler kit, $995.00 with free same ground shipping!
One of the more common issues with a front mount intercooler is turbo lag. Our testing shows our core Inlet pressure at an average of 15.45 psi and the Outlet pressure at an average of 14.8 psi. That results in an averaged pressure drop of only 0.65 psi, which in turn produces little to no turbo lag at all! We also tested the cooling capacity of our core. With an ambient temperature of 91 degrees, our Inlet temperature averaged 193 degrees F while our Outlet temperature averaged 95 degrees F. This is an averaged temperature drop of an unprecedented 98 degrees F!

Short Shifter, $275.00 with free same ground shipping!
Are you looking for shorter and more precise shifts than you get with the OEM MazdaSpeed3 shifter? Look no further than COBB Tuning to make your dreams come true. Our engineers have once again produced another breakthrough innovation with the COBB Tuning Double Adjustable Short Throw Shifter.

COBB Shifter Weights, $25.00 same day shipping!
For those seeking improved shift response and to ensure the transmission stays in gear during aggressive driving, we have enhanced the shifting mechanism with our CAD designed Shift Weight. Reducing the weight of the shifting system by over 0.66 lbs has improved shift speeds and the overall feel of shifting the MazdaSpeed3.

Lowering Springs, $250.00 with free same day ground shipping!
Direct replacement for the factory springs, and designed to work with the factory struts, the COBB Sports Springs reduce the ride height by 1.0" Front and 1.0" Rear. The result is improved road handling and reduced body roll. Precision CNC cold wound high quality Chrome Silicon steel construction. The springs are powdercoated COBB Blue in a unique process for protection against the elements.

Spring rates are approximately +15% for the front and +25% for the rear over stock which, results in a sporty feel without being unnecessarily harsh or bouncy. The factory springs are actually too soft for the stock struts, much less uprated aftermarket replacements, to work optimally. Our final spring rates are the result of extensive real-world and road course testing.

Rear Sway bar kit, $165.00
A direct replacement for the factory sway bars, the lightweight performance Swaybars improve handling, reduce body roll, and do not negatively impact ride quality or NHV. To improve handling and increase grip from the front of the vehicle, a larger, 35% stiffer than stock swaybar is utilized. CNC bent for a precise fit, the COBB front sway bar exactly replaces the factory swaybar and includes new mounting bushings.

Compatible with stock or most aftermarket endlinks.

*Picture below is of the front and rear swaybar kit*

ACCESSSPORTS, $695.00 with free same day ground shipping!
The most user friendly reprogramming device for the complex MazdaSpeed3 and MazdaSpeed6 ECU. The provided mapping will optimize the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing, remove the speed limiter, and more for performance results you can instantly feel! Controlling aspects such as boost and throttle position, throughout each gear selection, ensures that you have maximum power and maximum traction for enhanced daily driving!

However, the AccessPORT is so much MORE than just a REFLASH DEVICE. It allows you to monitor your Fuel Economy (average and real time), perform performance tests (0-60mph and 1/4 mile time), read and decipher ECU trouble codes (CELs), and monitor live data via the OEM vehicle sensors which eliminates the need for costly aftermarket gauges.

Giving you full control over the installation without removing your ECU ....the AccessPORT is truly more than just a programmer, it is the ultimate all-in-one solution for the MazdaSpeed3 and MazdaSpeed6 enthusiast!

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