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The Mazda MX-Crossport design concept represents a new direction Mazda is considering as it works to expand its line-up of successful new-generation products. Designed at Mazda's main design studio in Hiroshima, Japan, the crossover-type vehicle -- combines strong styling cues from the company's flagship RX-8 sports car with the more practical packaging of sport-utility vehicle. Mazda says the powerful, bold, three-dimensional identity of the concept car was created to be both surprising and uniquely eye-catching. It is at the same time clearly a Mazda, however, and strong with Mazda family design cues making it immediately recognizable. It also is a new frontier for Mazda, leading the company into a new segment, expanding the definition of Zoom-Zoom from both a design and packaging standpoint. While Mazda has not yet officially confirmed a production model based on the MX-Crossport, the company has clearly stated that it intends to expand its line of new-generation Zoom-Zoom products for the North American market and beyond. The MX-Crossport is an important conceptual step forward in the process.
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