lowering and 20s

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does anyone think i'd have a problem lowering my car with eibach 1.6 drop? wheels are 20inch tires are 225 30 20s.
the gap is huge! and + all the aftermarket fusions online have 20s on them.
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OK I think everyone can calm down now.

Anyway, a 225/50R17 (stock, right?) and a 225/30R20 have basically the same diameters, so if there's no rubbing problems on stock with that drop, there shouldn't be on the 20's. Of course, the 20's have a much rougher ride, and I have no idea if you have a width difference.
$150's pretty cheap, in my experience. Nice. Of course, I'm used to Boston prices.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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