Loving my 06 Fusion

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I got my 06 Fusion in November. It isnt the one I wanted. It is the S model. I wanted the SEL but my credit wouldn't allow me to get that one. However, after I got the S model, I fell in love with it. I only like the SEL Fusion because of the dual exhaust and fog lights. Oh, and the leather interior. I looked on the net and found out that I can get those accessories after market. I can get those chrome fog lights inserts for a price that I cant recall at the moment. I called the dealership and he said the actual fog lights for the Fusion cost $70 each. I plan to add a cold air intake for a little more power. Ebay has Fusion accessories also, such as Chrome accents, wings, and a billet grill. Now that I saw all those accessories, I plan to make my 06 Fusion look even better than that SEL that I wanted. I am the type of person who likes to be unique, and when I get done with my baby, it is not going to be like no other Fusion out there. I will display some pics when I get done with it. I challenge everyone to make their Fusion unique. I mean, when you see one Fusion, you have seen them all. So, give people something to look at. 8)
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looks like you have you work all planed out! Welcome to the forums and hopefully we can help you with all your upgrading.
Glad to hear your loving yours and working on it, I am as well (many of us are here) keep it up
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