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My daughter was driving her 2017 Fusion hybrid and got an overheat warning shortly before arriving at her destination. She was there for a few hours and since the car would have cooled down I told her to keep an eye on it on her drive home when she called me about the issue. About 20 minutes into the drive, she got a “stop safely now” message and immediately pulled into a parking lot. I left work to meet her and drove the car the remaining mile or so home. I didn’t notice anything during the short drive. I performed a scan and received the following codes:
P0300-PENDING-Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
P0316-CONFIRMED/PENDING-Engine Misfire Detected on Startup
P0A2F-CONFIRMED -Drive Motor “A” Over Temperature: Unexpected Operation
P0E4E-CONFIRMED-Engine Failed to Crank

I replaced the inverter electric water pump thinking that this was the likely problem. I also replaced the spark plugs hoping this may help with the misfire, although it may be a vacuum leak or fuel issue. But now the car makes a terrible grinding, rattling noise sounding like a large rock tumbler when running. I have a bad feeling there is serious damage to the transaxle. I have attached a videos of the car running and screen displaying the codes. Thank you for any input or advice regarding this.
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