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Hi Folks,

I've read that the 2015 model years have fewer issues, but came across a good deal for a 2013 Energi. It was originally a lease, but the owner went over the mileage and opted to buy. In transition from lease to purchase, the car TSB were all addressed, and the transmission was completely replaced on January of 2017. Its a solid driving car, and the owner pretty much only used electric during her short commute to work. When I looked at the oil stick and oil filler cap and inside valve cover, it was like new.

Wish it were titanium with sunroof and backup cam, and Apple CarPlay, but I think the backup cam and CarPlay can be added correct?

Anything else I should be concerned of? I'm thinking this will be equivalent to 2015 in terms of reliability since all TSB were addressed.

Thanks for help!
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