Look what Santa got me for Christmas!!

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Yes, boy & girls... come around and check this out!!!
Santa is pretty generous to me this year. 8) 8)

(drum roll)

Thanks alot to Bama Chip (Bob, especially) and to Steeda for making this Christmas - One of a kind.
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woo hooo!!!! now that you just bought that, I get news we are making our own intake very soon.....
We will have to tune a Steeda intake on a dyno to be able to get some tunes, which we do plan to do soon.

Ill make a post about our new intake here soon, we do plan to make it for both the 6 and 4 cylinder. They will require a tune and we plan to retail them for around $199. Ill make a new thread soon, keep your eyes peeled!
Thats not a bad idea, and I havent thought of it. Im actually an AMSOIL dealer so i know a lot about the EAA filter and its benefits. I will try to see if we could include one of those on the intake.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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