Look what Santa got me for Christmas!!

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Yes, boy & girls... come around and check this out!!!
Santa is pretty generous to me this year. 8) 8)

(drum roll)

Thanks alot to Bama Chip (Bob, especially) and to Steeda for making this Christmas - One of a kind.
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[quote author=Bob Jusnes link=topic=64672.msg1109676#msg1109676 date=1166241423]
woo hooo!!!! now that you just bought that, I get news we are making our own intake very soon.....
NOO! are you serious?!?!?
Com'on Bob... you couldnt tell me that last week... ehh... I guess that's just how it always is..
[quote author=tnoah link=topic=64672.msg1109810#msg1109810 date=1166269965]
What does that mean? This guy spent money for nothing?
no no... not at all... I'm (SUPER) pleased with my purchase... without a doubt... it's just cool to me that Bama Chip is coming out with a CAI of their own.. :)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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