Lincoln Zephyr to be dropped after 2007?

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Is is true that the Zephyr is to be dropped after 2007? I am aware of the name change for 2007 to Lincoln MKZ.

This web site is what caused me to ask.
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No, just more confusion caused by the name change. It should have talked about after 2006. Look for the MKZ to last for a long time (hopefully not as long as some Lincoln's have gone between refresh). LS is gone after 2006, however.
The LS is the bestest of all Lincolns.
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The LS is the bestest of all Lincolns.

Lincoln LS Great driving car with lousy marketing = dead model,
Caddillac CTS, poor car (compared to others in category) with tremendous marketing = Success.
The LS sucks majorly to work on.

and yes, hopefully the Zephyr/MKZ gets refreshed a little more often then the Town Car (basically the same car since 1979!)
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