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I got my Merc from a Lincoln/Merc dealer. I have extremely pleased with the service there. My first oil change went flawless, even though it was just an oil change. What really sold me was what they did for my wife's car. Since the dealer is basically in walking distance of my house I took my wife's Focus there for state inspection. There was nothing that I believed was wrong with the car other then the throttle was a little sticky. I requested they check this while the car was there and the did. It took the one hour to complete the state inspection and diagnose the trouble. Called me immediately when the car was done and stated what was wrong and had order the part(warranty). Picked the car up and waited for the part to come in. After the part came in, they called and I scheduled the appointment. The car was going to dropped off @ 0730 and the shuttle would take my wife to work. After some sort of miscommunication, my wife had her car there at 0730, but the shuttle did not start until 0800. At the point the service department offered her a loaner car. My wife refused the rental car because she did have her parking pass and did not want to pay for parking. They still offered her the loaner car and a credit for the amount of parking towards future service. She ended declining and just had me take her to work. Once again her car was done in one hour (replaced the throttle body).

I am very impressed with this level of service from a dealer that gives this level of service. Even though I just bought a $20K car there, which is not much. I received this level of service on not only my car, but my wife's Focus for warranty work. I could only imagine what you get with a $40K Lincoln...
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