Like New Motorola L6 BLACK Cell Phone w/ box

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This L6 phone was used by me for 3 months, i bought it in September for the start of a new school year. Has worked perfectly ever since, and is in perfect cosmetic as well as functional condition. Im selling it because i bought a blackberry which is now of more use to me.

Its amazing because its very slim (only 1 cm thick!) and i needed a phone that wouldnt annoy me when i had it in my pocket. This one was slimmer than an ipod, so i sometimes forgot i had it on me 8)

Comes with all original accessories like when i got it. Motorola tools cd as well as USB cable, and home charger for North America as well as one for Europe in case you travel as i do.

It weighs only 80g and its dimensions are :4.33" x 1.93" x 0.41" (110 x 49 x 10 mm)

Bluetooth as well as a camera and video recorder as also present.

I bought it for $250 CAD, on ebay theyre selling for around $180 US new. Ill let it go for $115 shipped anywhere in Canada.

Questions just ask or email me: [email protected]

And its UNLOCKED so it will work with any provider
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STill have it and will u ship to NJ in the United States?
As someone who has been working at RadioShack and selling cellphones for over a year I would like to say the L6 is an excellent phone.

But be sure this phone is unlocked or pre-configured for the particular service you are intending to use this for.
H[quote author=Maverick9110E link=topic=65678.msg1205422#msg1205422 date=1171407563]
STill have it and will u ship to NJ in the United States?
Hey sorry shoulda PMd me i woulda replied quicker:)

Anyway yes i still have it, pending sale with another person but seems like she's taking her time so i could follow up with you instead!
lol id love to take it off your hands as long as i know it works with Verizon wireless.
This cell phone is unlocked, and i know for a fact that it works on "AT&T Wireless, Cingular, Fido, Rogers AT&T, T-Mobile, Suncom, GSM Carriers worldwide on compatible networks."

Since Verizon should be indeed a GSM carrier, it should work 100%:)

Verizon is CDMA i thought.
[quote author=Maverick9110E link=topic=65678.msg1215281#msg1215281 date=1171828666]
Verizon is CDMA i thought.

Well, you maybe be right then. I didnt want to mislead you but if Verizon is CDMA then i have honestly have no clue if the L6 will work, BUT best thing to do would be to call Verizon and ask:)
This phone may not work with Verizon because it is a GSM phone and unless it is capable of CDMA/TDMA networks (some phones do it all) it will not work. What you need is the ESN of the phone and to call Verizon to see if that phone will work with its network.

Good luck, Verizon's commercials are very misleading. hah.
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