Keyless Entry...

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..with the buttons on the key.
Is the a way/upgrade from the dealer, or elsewhere, that will allow me to have a full alarm, possibly with remote start?
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The Ford remote start (and alarm systems) are an aftermarket add on and will have the Key ring style remote not the IKT. Looking at the keys there is room for 2 more buttons so I look for future adds, but they may just be for sliding doors on Mini-vans, but I'm hoping for factory remote start like GM offers.

The add on alarm works with the IKT they do not have to use a seperate key fob. I have the alarm but not the remote start - I couldn't see paying the additional $600 bucks they wanted to charge me. I really wish ford would go to a modular alarms system. Having to upgrade the whole alarm just to add remote start seems ridiculous.
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