Kenwood RDS Encoder

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I purchased the Kenwood KOS-A200 and installed it in my '06 Zephyr. I have the THX II system and don't want to change the HU. This unit is great. It does a great job of taking advantage of RDS to display KOS-A200 source, menus, etc. It includes a remote control. The sound quality is better than any FM modulator I've heard. I also installed the Kenwood IPOD adapter. I've seen better IPOD controls but it is very usable. Installation was easy. I'll try to get some pics sometime this week. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their stock HU but would like a little more add-on flexibility. It would be rather useless without RDS on the HU though.
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Thanks for the great info Bill... I may consider this when I decide to start messing with getting my Ipod working in the fusion.
Just thought I would update everyone since I've had a few days to mess around with it. This unit is great because it gives you two AUX inputs, USB input and the Kenwood bus input. It provides text info from the USB and the Kenwood bus. It only shows one line of text but it scrolls the entire line of text. You can search by Artist, Genre, Playlist or Album. The text displays rather quickly. The best part to me is that you use an included remote control. The sound quality is also outstanding. I can not really tell that it's using an FM modulator. I have absolutely no complaints on the sound quality. The output level is adjustable for each source as well. Another good thing about using this setup is that it leaves the canbus open for any future Ford addons. Hopefully I can get some pics this weekend.
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