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I wanted some new wheels for my "new" Sport (new to me, as I've only owned it for two weeks). The originals were suffering some major curb rash on all four corners! I saw that Detroit Wheel and Tire had a wheel and tire package deal for the Lincoln MKZ 3806 wheel style on their website, and then found out they also had the same deal for $100 less on Ebay. After a quick online chat, I found out they would indeed put the correct TPMS stems on the wheels for me, I bit the bullet and made the purchase. Joe from Detroit Wheel and Tire called me to verify I was putting these on a 2011 Ford Fusion, and offered to put on Ford center caps instead of the Lincoln ones! That, to me, was excellent customer service!
Then, the shipping-- it took less than 24 hours to get them to my door in Dayton, Ohio, from Detroit! I had the car jacked up and the tires mounted inside of an hour on my driveway.
The PVD chrome finish is mirror-like, and I think it closely matches the smoked chrome already on the Sport! I included some pics, with the last one being the "before" picture with the original wheels
Here's a big, "Thank you!" to Joe and the folks at Detroit Wheel and Tire for an awesome new set of shoes!!


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