Just got a Ford Fiesta.....

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...... a 1978 Ford Fiesta!!! :pokey:

We pulled it from inside a barn where the goats used it as a mattress. haha :lol:

It's a 1.6L four cylinder with a 4 speed.

Get this, it cranked right up. The last inspection sticker says 1986.

My brother and I are going to get it road worthy, repair the rust, give it a paint job..and sell it for 100% profit since we got it for FREE...or maybe drive it around since gas is $3.50 a gallon!!
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I should donate a 2L 1997 contour Sport (runs fine) and have you strip off all the parts you can and get that car up and running with a 2L DOHC and AW disc brakes. It's got the trans that needs a little work but if you got it all up and going with the motor and trans using the wiring harness off the contour and brake parts that car would get it. that little 2L pulls that car around quick. it would definitely get the 86 going much quicker. another thing you could do with that purposed setup would be get the Jackson Racing Contour 2L supercharger kit that they have and boost that motor to around 230hp (approx.) That little thing would be a rocket ship!
1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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