Just got a 2011 fusion sport mechanic special, got some questions

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Just picked up a 2011 fusion sport 3.5 AWD with 141xxxKM for $2000, has a blown PTU, and was wondering what other years/models have interchangeable PTUs, and if there is anything else I should be mindful of, thank you all.
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Pretty sure from past checking, that 2007-2012 with the Aisin transmission (there was no AWD Fusion for 2006, but for JOB2 2007 released in 2006)

So any V6 AWD up to 2009, then 2010-2012 with the 3.5 (Sport or MKZ). You will probably find that yours is one of these 2007 part numbers: 7E5Z-7251-H (most recent), 7E5Z-7251-E, 7E5Z-7251-F, 7E5Z-7251-G
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Yes, should be the same. Go to and enter in your VIN or just specs, then search for transfer case. Look at the "Fits These Vehicles" and it shows the range, and in the usage it shows the AWF21 (which is the Aisin transmission, not the 6F35).

I don't think that any other vehicle model interchanges.

I was worried about mine spewing out some very disgusting black fluid so I got to looking since they are about $100 at the you pull it place I go to ($70 + $25 core charge), but I was able to change the fluid a few times and not had any further issues.
Not exactly, if it is a 2010-2012 then it has to be a 3.5. The 2010-2012 Fusion (and 2010-2011 Milan) 3.0 was also available with AWD and the PTU is different.
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