Just found the site,... Got mine on December 17th

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Hey everyone....
I just found this site.... Got my SEL V6 Black on Black with every option... Love the car. Most favorite car I have owned yet. I already tinted the window and got Sat radio thru the factory head unit. They said you couldnt do it yet. But I did. Guess there are perks for working at a dealership...
Thinking of having the factory wheels chromed... any thoughts?

Ben :D
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As i said in your 'be realistic' thread, welcome aboard Ben. When you get a chance, be sure to post up some pics in our gallery ( ). Personally I'm not a huge fan of chromed wheels - too flashy for me. But of all the cars out there, a black fusion could probably handle them better than most.

A lot of people here seem to be very interested in getting the Sat radio - I'm sure they'll all be quickly jealous of you.
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