Just bought a Ford F150 FX4

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Great truck can't wait to put it to good use (already been to home depot haha) anyway wondering how well I did on the truck-got out the door for 32k
its all black btw. Fully loaded with every option which is great
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Every option? So you mean 4X4 right? ;)

I love F-150s.. Let's see some pics!
Yeah 4x4 every option. I'll get some pics soon. THis week it gets: Rhino liner, mineral bath and possibly tint. Then its good for 1000 miles or so till oil change
Very sweet deals on 08 F-150s now. Can't wait to see pics.
Mineral Bath? What's that? lol

Great trucks from what I hear. Base ones selling for around 8-12 grand at my local dealership.
Hope you have many happy miles on it. (my old 97 F-150 had over 220K with everything original except the plug wires and the usual stuff, engine and trans worked fine)
do you have the 5.4 3v?
if so, you should pull all the spark plugs and never seize them, then reinstall.....they break off ALOT once they get miles on them....other than that, they hold up pretty good...
nope still have the fusion. Truck has been great so far. Thanks for the tip that is indeed the engine I have if I'm not mistaken.

The mineral bath was to remove the waterspotting, worked well to. And of course its 4x4. I still need pics sorry :) looks just like any other FX4 f150 thats black though :) they're pretty common. Only thing I don't like about owning fords they're so common!
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