It's here after almost 6 months!

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Finally picked up my 2.3 SE yesterday. I felt like a little kid on Christmas. It had 7.4 miles on it. The 4-cylinder and auto combo is pretty nice. I'm suprised at the torque this thing has, the transmission is real smooth. I can't even tell it is shifting unless I watch the tach. The engine is slighty audible under acceleration but once at cruising speed I can't hear it all. This car is awesome, handles like a dream. The ride is real smooth, and believe me, the roads here in England are terrible. So far I have no rattles, but I only have 114 miles on the odometer. I got the green with camel interior. This color is beautiful in the sunlight. I get stares every where I go, especially since this car isn't available in England. People on base don't even recognize it, but I get compliments everywhere I go. The stereo has a lot of bass although the bass seems kinda flat at times. Sort of like it has no depth. But it sounds pretty good for a stock stereo. I'm used to having systems in my cars, I think this will be my first car where I'll avoid adding subs. I'll just upgrade the speakers and add an amp later. All in all, this car was worth the wait. Check out the link for pics. Look at both pages, it also shows what my light conversion consisted of for those of you that were wondering.
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Congrats on your new ride. Keep us posted on comments from the locals about the Fusion - my experience is they generally don't have positive things to say about American iron. I think the Fusion will change their minds!

Good luck!!!

And thanks from all of us on this side of the pond - you're doing your part for the good old USA.
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