its broken :(

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My wife just called me and said that she was going down the road and a boulder fell out of a truck and she ran over it! it instantly blew both driver side tires and tore the wheels up! What else it did, I have no idea. I wish I could take a picture of it and post it in the women driver section. I'm so frustrated since I'm stuck here at work. I have another 1/2 hour before I can leave. Man life sucks
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She didn't get the plate number. The truck kept going. Luckily somebody stopped and helped her out. It also hit the front bumper a little. I wonder if it hit anything underneath. I can't see under the car since its sitting so low. It looks like somebody just completely took out my springs. The insurance is going to pay though.

What would happen if 10k miles from now my tires start wearing funny and I find out that a part of the suspension is bent? What would I do? And you know 2 years from now if something would happen to the front end that would be covered under warranty, Ford are going to be like, thats not our fault you did that when you hit that rock. I feel pretty bad I'm just ready to get rid of it but I would eat so much on the cost.

Man this sucks.
Yep thats what I said its gonna be on a carfax. Does it have to hit a certain amount before it goes on that? I hope so. The 2 rims a nd 2 tires was about $850. Thats really high. :shock:
I wasn't the one driving it so I'm not going to be the one dealing with the insurance and getting the paper work right. I do know for some reason and I didn't ask any question that its not going to cost me anything but $2.25 a day for a rental. no deductible. I will be there when the car is getting fixed making sure it is done right and I dont have to go back and deal with those people again. Especially if the car has to get repainted. I hate that because there is no paint job better than the factory paint job. The paint never stands up like it would from the factory.

I say "Our car, her headaches, her problems right now"
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