its broken :(

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My wife just called me and said that she was going down the road and a boulder fell out of a truck and she ran over it! it instantly blew both driver side tires and tore the wheels up! What else it did, I have no idea. I wish I could take a picture of it and post it in the women driver section. I'm so frustrated since I'm stuck here at work. I have another 1/2 hour before I can leave. Man life sucks
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My condolences. My wife put a hole in my windshield one month after I bought it. It was a rock that mysteriously hit the windshield. I've noticed every dump trunk has the "Not responsible for objects..." on the back. I wonder if a boulder would be included in that. I'd at least have my insurance look into it and see if the truck company wouldn't pay. By the way, I hope your wife is OK.
I had a car once that had a slight suspension issue and it would eat through a new tire every 15k miles. They couldn't seem to fix it.
You will also have the extra depriciation since your car has been involved in an accident. It will likely show up on Carfax and dealers will be able to spot any repaired or repainted areas. I'd do everything possible to find out who the truck belonged to. It's a long shot, but may be worth a days worth of investigating.
My understanding is that CarFax is based on information obtained by certain reporting agencies (DMV, Insurance, etc) and that amount isn't relevant (however I may be wrong). Having said that, I know from personal experience that if you back you car into the corner of your garage, take it to the local body shop and have it fixed (on your dime), then it doesn't show up on CarFax. Rims and tires do sound expensive, I hope you had a low deductible.
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