its broken :(

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My wife just called me and said that she was going down the road and a boulder fell out of a truck and she ran over it! it instantly blew both driver side tires and tore the wheels up! What else it did, I have no idea. I wish I could take a picture of it and post it in the women driver section. I'm so frustrated since I'm stuck here at work. I have another 1/2 hour before I can leave. Man life sucks
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They are not responsible for any objects kicked up by their tires.

However ..

In Texas, they *ARE* responsible for anything that falls off their truck .. it falls under the "properly secured load" rule. Infact, Texas-DOT recently passed rulling requring all sand and gravel trucks be tarped when loaded. Boy did the rock and gravel guys hate that.

Anyway .. I really think those "Stak back 250', not responsible" signs are really neat .. cause every dump truck I've ever seen has had no problems entering my lane alot closer to me than 250'. If one day one of them drops something and damages my car .. I can't wait for them to say I shoulda been back 250' I'll be like .. yeah .. I was .. YOUR DRIVER PULLED IN FRONT OF ME, and since you realize that a 250' distance is necessary, your responsible for not following your own rules.


Oh well .. one can fantasize anyway ..

back on point .. if it fell off, they are responsible in most states YMMV.
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